Stream Energy: How To Honor The Community

Stream Energy is a strong company because of its foundation. The foundation of generosity will always yield a high return in more ways than one. Stream gives back to its workers as well as to the people in the community. Stream is making a massive difference in the lives of those who need assistance due to disastrous weather and homelessness. The first way that Stream Energy gives back is through its employees. They hire people who value generosity and the importance of helping others. The opportunity to work for Stream is incredible as you are signed on as an independent contractor. Contractors are in charge of their success. Each freelancer offers Stream Energy products and services to individuals in the community. Some of these services include cellphone plans, fixed-rate electric, and virtual doctors. Outside of that, Stream consistently acts as responders to natural disaster incidents. One of those examples is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a strong storm that dumped close to 56 inches of rain on the Houston, Texas community. Many people were displaced. They lost their loved ones, their pets, and their homes. Stream Energy was one of the first organizations to come forward and fund the reconstruction following the storm. Another example is the day after Christmas in 2016. This day marked massive disaster in North Texas. Multiple tornadoes ripped through homes and businesses turning the holiday of giving to a nightmare. Stream Energy took advantage of their partnership with the Salvation Army to raise money for those who experienced sudden loss. The fundraiser was a great success as they raised thousands of dollars. Stream then doubled the funds so that the community would have even more money at their disposal to rebuild their neighborhood. Stream Energy also sponsors events to show the community that they are their biggest fans. The Once in a Lifetime event honors military veterans in the area by treating them to an all-expense paid two-day event. Stream also provides transportation for those veterans that are less fortunate. The first day consists of a Texan dinner. The second day is catered to the daughters by giving them an American Doll of their choice along with a lunch at the American Girl Cafe.