Steve Young: He’s Every Bit as Good at Finance Opportunities with HGGC as He Was On the Field

Huntsman Gay Global Capital Partners, or HGGC for short, is very lucky to have some great individuals to keep them humming along at full throttle. As a middle-market equity firm, it is important for them to have experts to help them make the best investments in up-and-coming firms. Although they have Richard Lawson, Bob Gay and Greg Benson – and there is no question these partners are committed to the success of HGGC – there is one individual who personifies the excellence of HGGC. That man is co-founder and former 49ers quarterback Steve Young.

For an individual like Steve Young, you would think that he would be more interested in sports than he would in finance. However, in this case you would be mistaken. Yes, Steve Young does collect a salary for ESPN, but he also collects an even larger salary for HGGC. When Young is working on an ESPN set discussing a particular team’s offense, chances are you might see him ten minutes talking to a crowd of individuals clad in business suits. Just what, exactly, is he doing?

The best way to sum it up is that he is working the room with potential private equity clients for HGGC. He wants to make his private equity firm as appealing as possible so that he can find more potential clients. He is fond of saying that he might have resigned from his ESPN gig a number of years ago, but his partners in HGGC want him to keep a “high profile.” With that being said, there is no question that Steve Young has helped the firm make some crucial deals. He was involved in the transaction where they acquired Help Systems in February 2018 for an undisclosed amount and when they purchased RPX Corporation for $555 million last May.

It is good to see that Steve Young delivers the same level of dedication his private equity firm that he did on the football field. He realizes that his high-profile position will only help lead the firm to more clients. He will continue to do both roles and it will help the firm that much more in the coming years.