Starbucks Has Invented A Cool, Caffeinated, Color-Changing Drink

Just when you thought Starbucks already served every beverage a person could possibly want – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Frappuccinos – they come up with a mind blowing new concoction. The coffee chain has just announced its latest and possibly greatest concoction to date, the Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew.


What makes this drink so unique? Not only does the beverage combine three distinctly different flavors, this show stopper actually changes colors! Starbucks’s taste testers have been busy perfecting this new invention in their labs, experimenting with ingredients that please the palate, deliver the caffeine boost their customers expect, and catches the eye with its surprising appearance in the glass.


This drink is made up of three layers: the citrus sensation of lemonade, cold brewed coffee Starbucks is famous for, and a unique type of tea this is responsible for making the mixture turn different colors.


Butterfly Pea Tea is an herbal tea native to South East Asia with a flavor that is similar to green tea. The main property that sets it apart from Starbucks’s other ingredients is that it changes colors based on ph levels. By itself, the tea has a pretty cobalt blue color. Lemon or lime juice causes it to turn purple while hibiscus leaves change it to a vibrant bright red.


But here is the bad new for all the Starbucks fans across America. Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew is only available in Asia, and for a limited time. So if you live overseas you can enjoy the new drink described as looking like a lava lamp until the supply runs out, but the rest of us will have to wait and see if this original new drink will ever be available at our local coffee shops.