Star Wars Food is the Latest Trend This Month

Chances are that everywhere you turn, you’re seeing something Star Wars related. It’s all anyone is talking about this week and for good reason. Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiers Thursday with its wide release being on Friday. Fans have been lining up well in advance to catch what will most likely be the most anticipated movie of the year. Not only are fans dressing up and buying the latest Star Wars inspired collectibles, foodies are getting in on the fun.

People are getting creative when it comes to Star Wars food trends. Many are offering Star Wars themed food such as Wookiee, 7 Leia dip with trooper scoopers, fruit lightsabers, and more. They’re hits at Star Wars gatherings across the globe. Restaurants are even getting in on the fun and capitalizing on the success of the movie.

According to Eater, an Austin restaurant is selling ravioli that resembles the Death Star. They also taste great! The Italian restaurant Cane Rosso stuffs them full of wood-fired tomatoes, cherry peppers, poppy seeds, and lemon butter sauce. These death star ravioli will only be available while the movie is out! It’s not the first time that this restaurant picked up on these Star Wars food trends. During last December’s release, they created a Star Wars-themed pizza.

The death star shaped ravioli have been quite the hit on Instagram. The chef behind this food trend never had any doubts that he could pull off the ravioli. He even used a famous line from the movie, “There is no try. Only do.” It’s been really fun to see all these Star War themed foods over the past month. It’s really brought out the creative side of chefs and just average people. Star Wars has a lot of beloved characters to choose from and it’s easy to use them as inspiration for different food. Not to mention, it’s easy to come up with catchy names based on many of the beloved characters.

Grab these food trends while you can because after the movie is out of theatres and the hype dies down, you’ll have to wait about a year for the next movie to come out.