Stansberry Research Foreseeing The Next Financial Windfall

The economy of the United States appears to be in good standing. Houses are being built in the cities again and unemployment rates are steadily dropping. This is great news for the American people. However, with each cycle always comes another downward spiral. The key is to be financially prepared for the next bust.


Stansberry Research is a publication company that is dedicated to preparing everyday people for that next economic cycle burst. In fact, the leaders of the publication believe that the economy is still heading for a spike before that next recession. A recent article, “How To Deal With A Market ‘Melt Up’ According To Stansberry Research,” explains exactly what they believe is going to happen.


The article first compares the difference in a bull market and a melt-up market. It talks about how the American economy is currently in one but working its’ way into the other. According to this article and Stansberry Research’s publications, the last time the United States’ economy was in a melt-up economy was in the later part of the 1990s.


The article then discusses how Steve Sjuggerid published a piece that talked about his past experiences with the Chinese stock market. It then compared that market, and its subsequent crash, with the current market in the United States. The piece also provided information and advise on how to remain financially sound during the transitioning cycles of the market.


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Porter Stansberry began the company in 1999. His goal was to help everyday people learn how to invest their money wisely and confidently. His team today includes a variety of men and women that have over 175 years combined experience in the financial industry.