Shervin Pishevar Takes A Swipe At Trump Economy

Open up the website of your favorite financial news website any day now and you will see celebratory headlines regarding the economy as it stands right now. There are a lot of people who are over the moon thrilled about the way that they see things going in this economy. However, caution ought to be taken when looking at the potential for this economy to grow out any more into the future.

Shervin Pishevar makes the case on his Twitter account that the economy has gotten better but that the stock market has gotten out of hand with its pricing. He says that while a lot of people have been very excited about how their stocks are doing, he wants them to stop and take a breath before they go along any farther. He thinks that the stock market can fall by twenty percent before it starts to regain its footing again.

For those who don’t know, Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Uber. When he made that investment, he made a choice to try to better his life and it paid off greatly. It gave Shervin Pishevar the legitimacy that he needed to preach to others about his views related to the economy and so much more.

Now Shervin Pishevar takes shots at the President and his agenda as it relates to the economy. He does not believe that the President and those he surrounds himself with have the right ideas for how to run the economy. He thinks that they have thrown things together haphazardly and it has meant that the American people are more or less held hostage to the whims and emotions of a very volatile President. He foresees a lot of trouble ahead for the stock market and for the economy as a whole.

It is Pishevar who promotes these views and helps to keep people interested in the kind of things that he has to say. This is critically important because he wants to make sure that his views are out there on the public record. Many people may take away something from the things that he has to say.