Sergey Petrossov; a Diligent Man Who Went Against All Odds and Made It to the Top

When talking about Private air travel in any part of the globe, the name Sergey Petrossov has to pop up at one point in your conversation. Sergey Petrossov is the founder of JetSmarter. He also serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer overseeing all the activities pertaining to the firm and ensuring everything runs smoothly. JetSmarter is a company that connects flyers with private jet operators to ensure the best service possible. Mr. Sergey founded the company in 2012. Sergey came up with the idea after he flew private for the first time and experienced a wide range of challenges. One of the challenges was the process of booking private flights. In a bid to solve these problems, he used mobile technology to ease the process of booking private flights. That is what gave rise to JetSmarter.

Sergey Petrossov has worked very hard to grow the company to where it is now. Currently, the firm has 3,000 private jets and services over 600,000 members who have registered on the application. Sergey Petrossov is truly an innovative and diligent man and for those reasons, his diligence has paid off in numerous ways. Other than leading a successful enterprise, he was awarded Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology. Sergey also won the Top Working Professional in South Florida award presented to him by Sun-Sentinel. For Sergey, the possibilities in his career are limitless.

Sergey’s family immigrated into the United States of America from Russia when he was still young. During his high school days, his entrepreneurial skills and strong desire to achieve more started showing as he started a business that was importing and exporting tire rims. After graduating from high school he joined the University of Florida. That was where he gained an interest in technology. He was so good at it that he was able to actively participate in the development of a project that involved providing distance learning services to Russian-speaking schools in Russia. His skills also proved to come in handy when he got an idea to start JetSmarter. Thereafter, he did nothing but put his all into it.