Self Belief Marks The Work Of Doe Deere

The Lime Crime brand of cosmetics has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of a bold and colorful line of makeup and other cosmetics products. Lime Crime’s offerings reflect the personality and personal style of founder and CEO Doe Deere, who eventually decided to create her own cosmetics range when she was unable to find those that reflected her own personality and needs as a leading fashion designer; the development of the Lime Crime brand came about largely by accident as the marketing campaigns designed by Doe Deere for her clothing as her customers became as popular as the clothing she was designing.

In her work with Lime Crime the personal choices and beliefs of Doe Deere have become an important part of how the brand is perceived across the globe as she has become an unofficial spokesperson for those who feel they are not represented by the mainstream cosmetics industry. Doe Deere believes the ability to believe in ones self is a major part of the success anybody can achieve, which is a lesson she has looked to teach her followers Online through a series of blogs and social media posts designed to inspire young people to be the best they can at all times.

The Russian born fashion expert has been looking for new and interesting ways of inspiring others and believes her own experiences of moving to New York to study fashion after moving to the U.S. from her native Russia should stand as a lesson of perseverance that all individuals can use as inspiration for their own future. Not only has the work of Doe Deere been used as inspiration, but her own beliefs and ideas are also loved by her followers who look to develop an image as unique and personal as that created by the founder of Lime Crime.

The name of the Lime Crime brand is as unique as the founder herself and was developed by Doe Deere as an account name for her first clothing line sold through an Online marketplace. Doe Deere explains the Lime Crime brand name was a happy accident that has remained in place ever since as the founder works every day on developing new products in the Lime Crime laboratory.

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