Seedless Avocados Are Delicious And Easy To Open

Although they are always delicious and fun to eat, some people find that avocados can be difficult to slice open. According to a recent Eater article, however, a new easy-to-open, seedless variety of avocado is being sold by a major British retailer.

Apparently, for some time now, large numbers of British citizens have been injuring themselves while trying to slice open avocados. So many people have been cutting and stabbing themselves while attempting to open this fruit that the phenomenon has been named “avocado hand.”

The new seedless variety of avocado is known as a cocktail avocado and it is currently available from the Marks & Spencer chain of retailers. Upon viewing a cocktail avocado for the first time, most people would not think it was the prime ingredient in guacamole.

Instead of being oval-shaped, cocktail avocados feature a more oblong, almost tubular appearance. Resembling small zucchini squash or cucumbers, cocktail avocados are supposedly completely edible. The seedless variety is formed from non-pollinated avocado blossoms that do not fully develop.

The cocktail avocado can be easily sliced open without the use of a sharp knife and even the skin is edible. Even though this safer type of avocado is now becoming very popular in England, they have actually been in existence for years.

British avocado fans are grateful for the introduction of the cocktail avocado. So many people were getting cut while opening avocados, that the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons recently suggested that warning labels be affixed to pieces of the fruit.

The author of the Eater article humorously mentions how some people claim that millennials are spending too much money on avocado toast. With so many people eating the safer, seedless avocados, they might be able to save money on medical treatment for “avocado hand.”