Securus Technologies – Driving Innovation into the Public Safety Industry

Securus Technologies was formerly known as TZ Holdings since 1986 and changed its name to Securus Technologies in the year 2009. Securus offers technology solutions to its clients that are mainly public safety institutions, corrections agencies, and law enforcement agencies across the US and Canada. The company also provides mobile applications that allow the family members of inmates to talk to them on a secured network. It allows them to wish their families and build bonds that will help them change their lives around once they are released from the prison.


Securus Technologies invite its clients to their research centers across the country to show them what they have been working on for so many years. The customers are free to ask queries, and the executives present can answer them with ease. All of their products and services are customization and can fit any kind of correctional facilities and prison scenarios. With knowledgeable and skilled employees, the company aims to reach out to many more prisons and county jails in the US and Canada. They are also looking to expand their services to many other countries outside the continent.


Working as a jail official for just a few years, I have come to know the benefits of having Securus Technologies as our technology partner. It has helped us prevent a number of jail fights that could have been deadly. Our jail had a number of criminals carrying out illegal activities that we were unable to catch. With the use of the software from the Securus technologies, we have managed to bring down the crime to zero. Even money laundering has been stopped, and I can proudly say that I work in one of the best prisons in the country and this was possible only because of the services of Securus Technologies.