Scott Rocklage on human health concerns

Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur who serves 5AM Ventures company. He joined the firm in the year 2003. He joined the company with the capacity of a Venture Partner. Scott went up the ranks to become a Managing Partner in the year 2004. He has an experience of more than two decades in the healthcare management. Scott is known for his leadership responsibilities. His skills have helped him come up with several the United States New Drug Applications of which three of them were successfully approved by FDA. He is also credited for helping six medical candidates enter into clinical tests.


In the past, Scott Rocklage served in various positions in different organizations. He was the Chief Executive Officer and President of NycomedSalutar, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and also was the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nycomed International. Scott Rocklage studied chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. He later proceeded to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to take his Ph.D. in chemistry. His office is currently situated in the Waltham.


Recently, Expansion Therapeutics have been conducting a fundraising program to poll funds that will be used to fight against genetic diseases. Some of the organizations that contributed to the program are Novartis Venture Fund, 5AM Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and Sanofi Ventures. RA Capital Management and Alexandria Venture Investment also lead the financing exercise.


The genetic disorders that Expansion Therapeutics are set to fight include myotonic dystrophy type I that causes muscular dystrophy in adults. Expansion Therapeutics received $55.3 million that will be directed to fighting myotonic dystrophy type I disorder. The disease occurs when the production of RNAs gets to a toxic level while still inside the cell. Its effects cause defects in the hormonal system, the heart, muscles, the central nervous system, the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal system.


The disorder is capable of affecting the whole family. Its effects worsen as you go from one generation to the other and its cure has not yet been discovered by the medical community. The company is very concerned with the expansion repeat disorders. They are hereditary and do not have an effective cure. Learn more: