Sapphires the Precious Mineral That Symbolizes Great Virtues

Sapphire is a precious mineral, and it’s the second hardest after diamond. Sapphire is considered among the most precious gems for many centuries. The gems have a beautiful color blue that is natural making it very appealing to the wearer of the sapphire rings. They are hard, and this makes jewelers love them very much. Just like other gemstones, the more brilliant a sapphire ring is, the more valuable it is. Sapphires come in different colors, but blue is the commonly known. The royal blue sapphire engagement ring is very famous in our modern history. Princess Diana now Kate Middleton’s wore the blue sapphire engagement ring, and this even made the ring increase its popularity all over the world. It sports an eight-carat center which has fourteen diamond accents surrounding it, and it is revered in the world for its dainty and powerful appearance.

Sapphires have great symbolism, for instance, people from the ancient Persia had a strong believe that the earth was created atop a huge blue sapphire this made them treasure the mineral so much. They could pass information they held for a long time from generations to generations that the reason why the sky was blue is that it reflected the blue sapphire. There are many people around the world who held to a believe that sapphires could calm the spirit when one was feeling troubled and even heal the body. Sapphires have remained symbolical until today, they in modern days a sign of wisdom, good fortune, virtue and holiness for Royals.

Sapphire in an engagement ring symbolizes faithfulness and also sincerity. The symbolism the sapphire has in an engagement ring has made it have a lot of demand in the world. At most times ladies will love and treasure it for a long time. It’s a good ring for the engagement instead of the all diamond ring. The other beautiful thing about the Sapphire engagement is that it can be custom made to have the shape and pattern that one would want instead of being tied to an already made.

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