Samuel Strauch Sees The Future Of Real Estate In Panama And Miami

El Punto Critico, a leading Mexican news outlet, interviewed Samuel Strauch on his thoughts on foreign investors in his backyard of Miami Beach. He has come to the realization that most Mexican investors have flocked to the area due to preserving their wealth in hard appreciating assets. Miami Beach is one of the few areas in the world that has rapidly appreciating prices. The United States is also considered to be a much more stable economy, so high-value real estate is a great way to secure the future of their families. Many Latin American businesses are also moving their main offices to the area due to the commercial stability.

Samuel Strauch is also a firm believer in diversifying assets to other parts of the globe. He has opened up about his opinion on Panama in the La Nacion interview recently. The interview touches on why he believes that Panama is turning into the new Miami. Panama is a nation that is relatively stable, so many investors from around the globe have been developing luxury properties and sky scrapers. Europeans and Americans, in particular, are interested in the area as a cheap retirement destination, allowing them to retire in a mansion for under $300,000 or so.

Samuel Strauch has his own real estate company, Affinity Realty Group, and it was inspired by his own family’s real estate firm. Samuel Strauch surely has made a name for himself in Miami Beach since he is within the top 13% of real estate agents. Mant of his properties sold have been of high value and sales are made very quickly.

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