Ryan Seacrest Career And Amazing Accomplishments

Ryan Seacrest is a talented authority in the broadcasting sector. The 43-years old multi-faceted professional relocated to New York from Los Angeles recently. Following his immense experience and knowledge, he now hosts “Live with Kelly Ripa,” among other favorite radio shows and TV series. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest operates a clothing line and skin care businesses. How he juggles the day is impressive, with all these tasks waiting on him. All along, Ryan has believed in investing in his body. Before setting off for work, he must engage in healthy routine exercises. He also confirms that he is a foodie.

Ryan Seacrest attributes self-discipline to his great success and ability to manage his activities. During morning hours, he attends to interview calls and other short terms activities. Anything long-term and requiring a lot of his attention gets scheduled for afternoons. He confesses that initially, he thought that all issues needed his immediate attention, until much later. Straining himself to uphold such discipline has not been easy. Considering that he is easily distracted, Ryan has learned how to lock his phone in a safe when on an expedition where he needs time to meditate.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s Impact on Kids and Youths

Ryan operates a non-profit foundation that helps him impact the lives of young people through educative platforms and entertainment. The organization focuses on uplifting hospitalized children and their families. RSF is working towards their first major initiative, which is to erect broadcast media hubs within pediatric hospitals. While there, patients and their families will not feel left out in the exploration of creative spheres of radio, new media, and TV. According to Ryan Seacrest, the hospital fraternity requires such uplifting experiences.

During treatment, most people are gloomy and gripped with fear of unknown. Multimedia experiences are an ideal way to stimulate such people’s spirits and also spur a sense of optimism. At the same time, this initiative will focus on reaching out to journalism students from local institutions. Such an opportunity will allow them to gain first-hand experience in programming and broadcasting. Most importantly, they will acquire skills in managing a multimedia center, which will impact their careers.

Find out more about Ryan Seacrest: http://abc.go.com/shows/american-idol/cast/ryan-seacrest