Royal Wedding Cakes Through History and Today

The newest royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has recalled something everyone loves about weddings, and that’s cake. Everyone adores cake, and the English Royals never disappoint when it comes to a grand wedding cake, but how have these majestic and decadent cake designs changed over the years?


The Queen


Let’s start with The Queen. She and Prince Philip had a cake almost equal in beauty to Her Majesty. It was over nine feet tall and covered with meticulously carved designs. It became known as the 10,000-mile wedding cake.


Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married in 1840. Their cake was equally grand to the current Queen’s, not in height, but in its width. Their ornately sculpted cake was said to be over three yards wide!


Princess Diana


Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married in 1981. Her love affair with him may have been tumultuous, but their cakes were nothing of the sort. They were made with booze, fruits, and flowers. There were twenty-seven cakes at their wedding in all! Parts of the main cake have lasted thirty-six years and will be auctioned off next month.


Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge


Kate Middleton and Prince William chose to have a groom’s and a bride’s cake. The Duchess chose an original fruit cake for hers. It was blanketed in white fondant, and symbols from each of the four corners of the United Kingdom were used in the decoration. She also chose to include the flower by the name of Sweet William. This was in honor of William as the flower symbolizes finesse, smiles, and gallantry. Prince William’s cake was more modern. He chose a chocolate biscuit cake. This was a childhood favorite of his.


Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle choose a traditional cake, or will they daringly stray outside the lines and commit a wedding faux pas? They seem to be the most modern couple to ever grace the royal halls in England, so it would not be surprising to see them push boundaries with a wedding cake. Either way, they will not disappoint. They’re set to be married on May 19th, 2018.