Role of Right groups in stopping human rights abuse

Many groups in the world are dedicated to making sure that human rights violations are eradicated. There is no good in such acts and therefore deserve to be condemned at all costs. Protection of human rights is a crucial task of any society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This is the only way through which justice can prevail. A society that respects the rights of others is progressive and will most likely also achieve in other areas. The role of the human right groups is to ensure that every human being in the community is given the respect they deserve.

It is no longer acceptable for people to oppress their fellow human beings, it is backwardness that should not be tolerated. Human rights organizations play a crucial role in ensuring that wrongs committed against human being are documented and shamed.

Right groups normally operate at all levels of the community. From the grassroots to the international levels. The grassroots level document and highlight the issues they observe to higher organizations. The international groups wield enough power to push for action against individuals who commit wrongs, especially in dictatorial regimes. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

These groups can call for the intervention of the international community such as the UN Security Council. Economic sanctions and other punitive measures may be taken against a government that oppresses their people. Respect of human rights is not a choice that any one has. Its either they respect or respect.

The success of human rights activities is based on the ability of the community to support the activities of these groups. The pressure from the public works wonders in pushing for changes in the society towards such critical matters such as human rights.

Rights groups, therefore, deserve to be supported by the public since they push for matters that relate to every human being. If a community allows certain people to be discriminated, they will have no say when their right are also violated. Human beings should therefore shield one another from violation of human rights at all costs.

Many human rights groups are nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. They are composed of people who have chosen to work for others. People who have made it their responsibility to ensure the rights of every other person in the society are observed and given the necessary weight they deserve. Human rights groups deserve to be supported so that they can effectively carry out this mandate.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created this organization. The state had convicted the two journalists following an arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They took the state to the court of appeal for violation of their rights. The state was found to have committed acts of human rights abuse against them and recommended they be compensated $3.75 million.

They have been using the money from this settlement to fund operations of rights groups that fight for the rights of immigrants in the state of Arizona.