Robert Ivy, Renowned Architect

Robert Ivy is a famous American architect who is the Chief executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy became the Editorial in Chief of Architectural Record in 11996, and under his management, the magazine became the most read architectural journal. The journal went on to win several awards such as the premier magazine journalism award as well as the 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year: Enthusiast. Robert Ivy has a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University and a degree in English from Sewanee University. Among his many achievements, Ivy was also the principal at Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. Read more on

Robert Ivy is well known in the professional industry, and he considers it as an excellent environment to foster one’s skills, get educational resources and increase one’s networks. Working in a professional sector has a lot of perks that can help you build your career as well as improve your credibility. Robert Ivy believes that belonging to a professional association helps in its lobbying power. Ivy spoke saying that the number of architects in the industry is few but their lobbying power is excellent. This is because their association as architects helps in swaying policymakers (government) in making decisions that are of benefit to the members within the association.

Ivy as the CEO of American Architect has an advocacy organization that assisted in affecting the tax legislation. This is a perfect example of how having associations can have high power despite the small numbers. Such an organization boosts the power of American Architect by providing it with the required resources which swells the ranks within the association increasing its influence. That is why American architecture is able to make a lot of strides in the architectural industry.

Among other perks of being in a professional industry include providing work opportunities due to the work relationships and provision of educational resources. Robert Ivy is a force to be reckoned with in the architectural industry, and he continues to make a mark in the industry.