Hollywood is a very competitive entertainment font, especially for actors. Many people have tried Hollywood but have given up in the end due to stiff competition from fellow actors. Rebel Wilson tried her luck in Hollywood and from hard work, passion and determination she was able to triumph where others failed. What is more surprising is that Rebel Wilson is not an American actress. She is from Australia where her acting career first began.

Rebel thinks that many Australian actresses who come to Hollywood are very dramatic making them similar. Movie directors or filmmakers tend to look for something different and unique in new actors or actresses making it difficult for the Australian actors to be cast in big films since they all have the same style. Rebel Wilson was the first to bring something different to the table.

She is a comedic actress with a unique style when it comes to acting. Before coming to the US, Rebel Wilson had substantial roles in films such as Bogan Pride and Pizza in Australia.Initially, Rebel Wilson had no plan of becoming an actress. She was a socially-awkward, shy girl living with her mother and siblings. She went to a girls’ high school where she encountered Mrs. Bowmaker.

The teacher saw Rebel’s potential hidden under her personality, and she encouraged Rebel Wilson to join a performance competition. The competition helped Rebel gain her confidence, and soon she could interact with people without fear. Rebel Wilson was a great student who excelled in her studies.

Mathematics was her strong suit, and she saw herself pursuing a career involving mathematics. This changed when she was in South Africa working for the Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. Rebel got infected with malaria and experienced hallucinations. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

In the hallucinations, she saw herself receiving an Oscar, and after that, Rebel Wilson was crazy about acting. She wanted to make the dream come true. Rebel Wilson returned from South Africa and went to the University of New South Wales. After completing her degree, Rebel Wilson attended the Australian Theater for Young People.

The theater taught Rebel a lot about acting and Rebel could finally know her place on the stage. Rebel did not plan to do comedy, but an experience on stage changed her mind. She had just gotten on stage to perform, and people started laughing.

She was confused and hurt because she had not yet said anything. Instead of taking the laughing negatively, she decided to turn it into a career choice, and things turned out great. Many people love her sense of humor as it is what makes her movies all the more enjoyable. Rebel Wilson is an iconic actress who has been able to charm her way into people’s hearts.

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