Pull Out the Grill for Easy Summer Dinners

With summer in full swing, the grill becomes the main source of cooking for families. Many people fall back on chicken as an old standby in the summer months, but there are so many more delicious options waiting to be found. Different combinations of grilled meats, vegetables, and fruits can add spice and variety to any diet.

Fish, whether it is grilled salmon, trout, or Mahi Mahi, is light and fresh for those hot summer months. It’s quick to cook, which is even better on nights you’d rather be sitting by the pool than cooking. Pair your favorite fish with a fresh mango or pineapple salsa. Not only does salsa add tang and zip to wake up tired taste buds it also brings color to the plate.

Vegetables can take center stage during the summer. Summer squash, zucchini, and tomatoes make an attractive addition to any dinner table. Lightly seasoned and kissed by the grill, they’ll still hold a little crunch for texture. Add in some couscous for variety or serve with your favorite meat. They complete a meal to perfection.

Summer grilling also lends itself to taking on a seasonal favorite—fruit. Not usually seen on the grill, unless it’s an occasional pineapple, fruit is beautiful to see and delicious to eat when it’s hot outside. Fruits with a firm flesh like nectarines and plums make a lovely light dessert when sprinkled with sugar and grilled.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Grills are pretty forgiving, and you may find a new favorite recipe. Using the grill is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family while preparing a meal that will feed their bodies, minds, and souls.