Professional in your Pocket: An Overview of TalkSpace

Ever thought about seeing a therapist but not wanted to see a therapist? The solution might be as simple as downloading an app from iTunes or Google Play.

TalkSpace is an app that allows you to contact a licensed therapist via your smartphone. The process is simple. First, download TalkSpace or visit TalkSpace in your web browser and take a free assessment – or rather have a real conversation with a matching agent. Then, select the payment plan that is right for you and get matched with a therapist. From there, you can begin messaging your new therapist from wherever you are – no stigma, just a professional in your pocket.

Recently, the TalkSpace blog has broken down the anatomy of stress along with a couple habits that can lead to better mental health.

The April 2018 post titled “The Six Habits Mentally Fit People Practice” breaks down six key habits to keeping mental health strong:

  1.  One Thing at a Time – Are there a lot of balls in your court? Handle each thing individually and in turn.
  2. 2. Excercise to a Better Mindset – Mental professionals emphasize the importance of exercise to mental health because it “[increases] levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain” and ultimately “[improves] mood and energy.”
  3. Daily “‘Mindfulness Break'” – Set aside time to assess your mind, body, and mental state.

[These two are self-explanatory.]

  1. “‘Self-Care'” – We’ve all heard the phrase “Treat yourself,” right?
  2. Have limits and don’t test them. Simple as that.
  3. Always ask for help.

The April 2018 post titled “Can You be Addicted to Stress?” breaks down the possibility that stress is just that – addictive:

So, what exactly is stress? Stress is a reaction to “anything from natural disasters, war zones, and abuse to financial trouble, health issues, excessive workloads, relationship difficulty, and many other situations” and it is “‘natural high'” thus creating the possibility of a stress-produced addiction.

So, how do you know if you’re addicted to stress? Physical symptoms of a stress addiction include fatigue and insomnia, but it also causes one to “ditch social interactions… in favor of seeking out stressful situations while relationships fall by the wayside.”