Popeyes is Dominating the Fried Chicken Battle

I remember the days when it was a fast food war between well known KFC and up and coming Popeyes chicken. Many people, including myself, had become accustomed to the famous 20-piece meal deal from KFC. Although Popeyes Chicken could be found in selected locations, there still weren’t that many restaurants located in my area. I often considered it a special occasion if I got to eat Popeyes instead of KFC. The feeling was that of going to a restaurant compared to eating at home, it felt like a special day.


Fast forward 20 years later and its no doubt that Popeyes Chicken now reigns supreme in the fast food battle of deep fried chicken. Hell, even Anthony Bourdain himself agrees that Popeyes is and always will be a classic. I’m sure many naysayers will downplay this notion by bringing recently established fried chicken chains into the mix, however; we are talking about the originators, meaning 20 plus years in the fried chicken game. It was always an uneven split in my household when it came down to who had the best fried chicken out of Popeyes and KFC. I was always outnumbered with my solo Popeyes vote.


With the recent editions of seafood within the last 5 years, their menu far surpasses that of its rival KFC. The ultimate Popeyes feast would include red beans and rice, slow cooked green beans and crispy fried smackin’ chicken if it were up to me. I’ve grown to appreciate spending my Friday nights passing through the Popeyes drive-thru. The progress of this establishment can be seen on every source of media outlet. What used to be hidden to the eye can now be seen on every billboard, every TV screen and even heard on every radio station. KFC has begun to take notice to the rising competition and has lowered their prices. Regardless of the cost factor, the seasoning blend at KFC couldn’t touch Popeyes with a 10 foot pole, you can quote me on it.