Planning Ahead For Thanksgiving

If it always feels like you’re in a rush to prepare Thanksgiving dinner with little time to spend with your family, then consider using a countdown planner so that you get everything done ahead of time. About a month before the holiday, start thinking about who you’re going to invite and some of the dishes that you might want to have on the table. You also need to think about foods to prepare in case someone has allergies and can’t be around certain items, such as nuts or dairy products.

Start getting all of your supplies in order about three weeks before Thanksgiving so that you aren’t searching for everything you need the week of the holiday. Make a detailed shopping list of the ingredients that you need for the dishes you’re going to prepare, utensils that you need and any decorations that you want to get for the home and the Thanksgiving table. You can also get the drinks that you plan to serve, especially any wines or alcoholic beverages. Now is a good time to use any coupons that you have for foods and accessories that will go on the table.

Take the time about two weeks before Thanksgiving to clean out your refrigerator and freezer. You can make some dishes ahead of time and freeze them so that you’re not cooking all day on Thanksgiving. Make pie dough and freeze it so that all you have to do is put the fillings inside and bake the pies that you want to have on the table. Decide what kind of decor you’re going to use. The week before the holiday should be filled with finalizing your meal, making a cooking schedule and getting everything prepared so that it’s ready to be baked and cooked.