Philanthropic Initiatives of Stream Energy

Stream Energy has been at the forefront in providing philanthropic services to the community and various persons that are in need. It has been leading in the energy production, and as well it is resulting in philanthropy through its newly launched foundation Stream Cares. Stream Energy Company participated in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and some of the victims of that tragedy were the employees from this company. Its foundation partners with Hope Supply Co. to ensure the homeless people and more so children are well cared for; they have clothes and other basic needs.

It is the desire and goals for the stream energy to ensure better living to all people in Dallas and in achieving its objectives it partners with other organizations to lift the lives of persons. For instance, there is partnership program between the Stream and Habitat for Humanity to renovate and rebuilt houses for various families. The company also funded the tornado victims through donations and raising funds in collaboration with Salvation Army. It is in the record that the recipients of donations and works of charity from Stream Energy are numerous.

A lot of lives have been transformed through the charitable works of Stream since it is not easy for the community who are unable to access personal needs to have a comfortable living. With the services that it provides such as transporting people to the areas where the lunch and other meals are been offered. Besides, the children have been able to get access to formal education and have equal opportunities in education sector like others. There are lots of bright children in the society that their dreams are doomed to die due to inability to access education and through the philanthropic initiatives of Stream energy partnering with other organizations have made it easy for such persons.