Pediatric Surgery At Its Finest: Dr. Saad Saad

Saad Saad, M.D., is one of the most well-educated and highly acclaimed pediatric surgeons in the game. This particular fellow has a brilliant educational background and work experience that dates back to over 40 years. Dr. Saad has worked with numerous high-profile organizations such as King Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to being so well-educated in the field of pediatric surgery, medical facilities in Saudi Arabia would specifically call him in to perform advanced surgeries that pertain to this subject. The royal family of Saudi Arabia has also called for Saad to be their personal pediatric surgeon.


Choking or generally getting something stuck in your throat is a big deal. The object should be removed by a medical professional and in most cases, surgery has been needed to accomplish the goal. Children have always been at risk for getting things stuck in their throats. Small children and shiny objects does not go hand-to-hand. For some strange reason, these small objects are directed into the mouth of children. The dreaded “terrible twos” can be a tough time for caretakers of children. During this specific point in time, small children tend to become very explorative. Two of the most common and most dangerous objects that small children seem to swallow are coins and peanuts. Yes, this is absolutely correct because coins and peanuts can be found in a myriad locations.


Dr. Saad has built a strong foundation for providing pediatric surgery, and he has progressively helped over 1,000 kids. The ages of the kids have ranged from 6 months to 14 years of age. One of the largest objects that he removed from a 14-year-olds food pipe is a toothbrush. That’s right! Even though the 14-year-old claimed to have not swallowed anything, Dr. Saad was still skeptical. The child was experiencing pain in the region of just below the chest. After an initial x-ray was performed, Saad’s skepticism was right on the money, and he was able to successfully remove the toothbrush. This is just one of many different stories that Dr. Saad has experienced and this short article won’t do him any real justice. Learn more :