Papa John’s Garlic Sauce Available In Bulk

Those who are fans of the pizza chain that is Papa John’s might appreciate the garlic sauce that they receive with their pizza. This sauce might be something that really changes their pizza and that keeps them going back to Papa John’s over other restaurants. If so, things could be about to change for them.


There was a prank that Papa John’s did for April Fools Day that got some people excited. They shared that they were going to be selling gallons of their garlic sauce for under ten bucks. That was only a prank, but they are now going to put the sauce on the market.


Papa John’s is going to start selling the garlic sauce that usually comes in a small plastic container in gallon jugs. Those who would like to have access to a whole lot of this sauce will have that. The sauce will be available via Twitter and it will take a bit of work for someone to get a hold of it. It is not going to be something that a person can just ask for at the restaurant and receive right away.


It seems that there are a limited number of jugs of this sauce available and that they will only be available in certain cities. The jugs of sauce will retail for just $20, making it an affordable purchase for anyone looking to add more flavor to any pizza that they consume. This sauce will be available in just ten cities, and there is a special way in which a person must Tweet if they want access to it. Those who get the chance to purchase it are in for an exciting future when it comes to their eating habits.