Tacos Trend Big Time In 2017

Many predicted that 2017 would be the Year of the Taco. It looks like they were right. Tacos have taken off – hugely. Tacos were already showing signs of surging in 2010. In a 6-year period from 2010 to 2016, taco offerings across a variety of restaurant menus rose by 32.4 percent. This includes all […]

Why Success Depends on Dedication and Smart Moves, with Entrepreneur Marc Sparks

Being an entrepreneur is not something easy, but many think that it depends on a skill that many successful entrepreneurs were born with such asset. Learn more: https://about.me/marc_sparks     Marc Sparks is considered by many of his followers to be one of those gifted business people who have a keen understanding of what good business […]

Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay in Contact With their Loved Ones

The life of inmates inside the prison is tough and challenging, but the inmate communications services helps in ways more than one to take their stress away. The inmate communication services ensure that the prisoners and detainees get to talk to their friends and relatives at a nominal cost. One of the pioneering inmate communication […]

Susan McGalla Helps Lead Corporate Gender Diversity Through Example

Companies that consistently outperform are ethnically diverse and gender-diverse. According to statistics, businesses are 15% more likely to outperform if they are gender diverse. Companies that are ethnically diverse are more likely to outperform by 35%. Diversity supports the embrace of new ideas, offering numerous ways to look at the same situation or problem. Despite […]