Finnish Bakery Puts Bugs on the Menu in a Protein-Rich Bread

The majority of people avoid eating bugs whenever possible. If a fly lands on their sandwich or a caterpillar crawls across their fruit, they throw it out. One Finnish bakery is challenging the automatic disgust many feel when they think of eating insects by baking bread made with crickets. Getting protein from insects is not […]

Retirement Insight from David Giertz

David Giertz urges people to start saving early for retirement so as to avoid problems when that time arrives. He acknowledges that saving early is hard because a person does not know how much will be required for the entire retirement. One of the ways to be secure is by saving chunks from your salary […]

2017 Food Trends

It seems there’s always a new food trend hitting the scene, and the latest craze attracts millions of people. Some of the trends end up dying out after a few months and some seem to stick around a little longer. While some food trends are popular for those who want to lose weight or improve […]

The Paleo Diet Trend

Every year, there are new diet trends that come along. One of the most common diets to try is the Paleo approach. This is a type of diet that recommends removing grains and legumes from the diet. The logic behind this is that gluten is a harmful substance found in wheat. Although not everyone has […]

Festive Flavors

The classic sugar cookie is a treat that you can make with children, one that you can make for holiday parties or one that you can make to share with others. It’s a cookie that is easy to make and fun to decorate because it usually holds up to the icing that you use. Line […]