Out of this World Eateries: Is Outer Space Fast Food the Next Big Thing?

America’s obsession with outer space has just put our taste buds on the fast tract to the final frontier with culinary flair. With KFC launching it’s new Zinger chicken sandwich into the stratosphere and Walt Disney’s Epcot announcing their first ever space themed restaurant, it leaves one to wonder where this trend will go next.

The World View company teamed up with KFC to send Colonel Sander’s newest chicken sandwich to the edge of outer space while performing an operational trial for their Stratollite. The Zinger made a safe return to planet Earth a bit earlier than expected, when the experimental space craft carrying it sprung a small leak in one its balloons. Jane Poynter, CEO of World View, was quoted as saying the Zinger performed flawlessly. Mayor Willard McBurney of Corbin, Kentucky, birthplace of the famous extra crispy recipe, had this to say: “From its birthplace in Corbin, all the way to space, we are proud of this out of the world success of KFC.”

To help celebrate Walt Disney World’s 35 anniversary, Epcot is opening a cool new restaurant that claims to have views to the galaxy and lets guests “travel high above the earth” as part of their dining experience. Patina Restaurant Group, who operate fine restaurants in New York and Los Angeles as well as nine other locations in Disney theme parks, has not yet disclosed exactly what type of dishes will be on the menu. The new eatery is located beside Mission:SPACE, an attraction that simulates riding on a space shuttle.

No matter what the future holds, be it George Jefferson themed drive-thrus or rocket restaurants rides through the Milky May, the food will be out of this world. May the fork be with you!