Otto & Sons To OSI Group Is A Century Of Success

That it isn’t widely known that Otto Kolschowsky provided all of the best beef he could possibly provide to the McDonald’s restaurants is perhaps a bit of a disservice. No one can know if McDonald’s would have succeeded as it did without Otto, but perhaps we should all order a Big Mac and not worry about it too much. The history has been written, and new chapters continue to unfold in delicious ways.The future does indeed look yummy for the OSI Group. When you provide food to the world, Delicious is job number one. The creative prowess of the OSI Group is resulting in never before seen ways to produce and provide food all over the world. The phrase “Culinary Arts” fits like a glove for these food pros.

The OSI Group has expanded, not only their world wide footprint, but they’ve also expanded their menu in an effort to cater to a wider variety of tastes. A great team of experts in food nutrition and preparation are stepping up what the OSI Group is offering to the masses. They have taken a creative tack to serving unique and nutritious meals ready to go. It would be safe to say they are the “made to order” division of the food giant. They can conform to any clients wishes, or offer one of a kind dishes for any food service customer around. This ability gives the OSI Group the edge in a very competitive industry.

It may be prudent to attach a different word to describe what business OSI operates in.”Industry” simply doesn’t fit when producing fine food. The continued expansion of OSI world wide is making waves. Many great acquisitions and mergers have benefited thousands of great employees, and their growth continues unabated. Otto himself couldn’t have imagined such a great success. From his simple meat market business in Chicago over a hundred years ago, to today, The Otto & Sons legacy has made it’s mark in history. Rooted in “Delicious”, the OSI drive to provide more than just quality meat products has risen to the top. Learn More.