OSI Food Solutions Expands Its Plant In Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a company that cares for the needs of the customers. The company strives to make sure that the industry is doing a great job of meeting the needs of the industry. In the past three years, this company has carried out aggressive expansion plans. It is trying to meet the needs of the customers by going out to as many locations around the world as possible.

This company recently expanded its facility in Toledo, Spain. After the expansion, the OSI Food Solutions facility shall be producing double the capacity of chicken products. There has also been an expansion of other parts of the facility such as storage and production areas. Security and energy sources have also been boosted.

OSI Solutions has remained dedicated to the food production business for a very long period. Since 1909, this company has been in this business, meeting the needs of the customers at all times. The expansion of this company has been made possible by leadership has remained focused on service delivery. No company can survive for over a century without meeting the needs of the customers.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded the facility in Spain because the demand for chicken products in this market was going up. For the past one decade, records show that the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal has been going up. From six percent it has jumped to eight percent annual increase. This is an indication of more growth in the coming years. OSI Food Solutions had to prepare in advance for the increasing demand, and that is how they expanded the company. They have taken the expansion measure to facilitate the development of the company in Europe in the coming years. By being able to meet the demand that comes from the market, the company is positioning itself as a market leader in the industry.

OSI Food Solutions has increased its food production business in other locations around the globe. This company aims to dominate the market with its superior products. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois and is currently operating in 17 countries.

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