Orange Coast College will pay for Your Recycled Waste

Orange Coast College has built a new eco-friendly facility to continue the recycling work they started decades ago. The new recycling centre, known as the Adam Avenue facility, sits on 5 acres of land and will be open to all residents of southern California.

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It took a year and four months to finally complete this structure. Orange Coast College spent a total of $7million for this upgrade. The recycling facility is equipped with offices, shower facilities, conference rooms, and a bigger parking area that fits 45 cars.


Recyclable items


Adam avenue facility will be open to the public every week. Californian residents are welcome to bring any item or equipment they wish to dispose. These include glass and plastic containers, metal scraps, as well as aluminium and tin cans. In addition, the OCC recycling centre has a unit that recycles electronic waste, including desktop computers, printers, laptops, TV sets, printers, and fax machines that needs disposing off. Californian residents will also be able to recycle old clothes, fluorescent lights, cooking oil, and small batteries through the centre.




On the other hand, the Adam avenue facility has a cap on the number of items it is able to recycle and the items it can recycle. The recycling facility does not accept items like car and boat batteries, engine oil, paint, chemicals or any waste that is considered a biohazard. Plastic and aluminium cans is limited to 100 pounds per person while glass bottles limited to half a ton per load.




Residents of southern California will earn a compensation for volunteering waste to the centre. Orange Coast College will pay 5 cents for small cans and bottle and 56 cents for HDPE plastic. Larger containers will fetch a price of 10 cents. The recycling centre also pays per pound for glass waste.


About Orange Coast College


Orange Coast College or OCC was founded in 1947 as a community college in Costa Mesa, California. It started as an educational centre that provides degrees in art or science as well as certificates of achievement. Today OCC is an advance learning institution providing more than 135 academic courses and career classes. In addition, the college also provides public nautical courses and prepares students to join private colleges and universities in southern California.