Orange Coast College – article recap

Orange Coast College has a stellar rowing team. This smaller school has won against larger universities to hold 11 national records titles over the years. This community college has been boasting about their rowing success almost since it opened in 1948. The school offers students much in the way of college athletics and education. To have a strong rowing team, the team has to have fantastic coaching. All rowing team members have to perform their best to remain a contender for these coveted awards. Practice starts in August, and the team continues to practice hard right until May. This year was no exception, and Orange Coast College was preparing to slay their competition. Learn more:


This proud school spirit keeps OCC’s athletics teams pumped. They consistently deliver amazing competition performances year after year. Students can select from many challenging college sports. They also have an advantage of being able to choose high quality career classes each semester. Whether they desire a profession or trade, these students can have it all. A large number of Orange Coast College alumni have had success after their time here. The campus is low-key, but offers benefits often missing from larger institutions. Beauty of the close beaches draws many to this warm and energetic campus.


Always involved in community events, Orange Coast College practices good citizenship. Students are able to volunteer for exciting community services. This college runs a convenient recycling center, and many students are thrilled to take part in environmental projects. Students from Orange Coast College develop strong morals and a sense of community belonging. Every student matters here, unlike some mammoth universities that make it hard for a student to stand out. Orange Coast College is a small campus with big opportunities. All that, and this college has lower tuition costs than typical universities.


The students have impressive amenities available while on campus. Attractive dorms and a variety of good food establishments make life here fun and satisfying. The educational benefits of this college are immense. Students looking for a solid education with lots of extracurricular activities find it at Orange Coast College.