OneLogin and Securing the Enterprise

Trying to secure today’s enterprise, with sundry devices, cloud applications, on premise applications, and rogue employee programs, is enough to drive one back to pen and paper. OneLogin has embraced these challenges and developed a blended and holistic approach to protecting IT assets and information, tracking usage, and reporting on the key areas of IT security.

Recent events have painfully demonstrated the shortcomings of passwords. Hundreds of millions of user accounts have been exposed by industry giants one would have thought invincible, and the population has been blanketed with free credits to identity protection programs by those companies breached.

In articles and white papers, OneLogin has analyzed the different modes of authentication and how they work together. Physical biometrics is a major component in the return to sanity for IT security and identity protection. Features such as fingerprints and iris patterns are typically immutable, but can be changed and imitated in certain cases.

Behavioral biometrics provide another layer of protection in validating the identity of an individual. While our behaviors exhibit a high level of uniqueness, they do lack the immediacy of physical biometrics.

An important consideration with biometrics is the issue of privacy. Both physical and behavioral biometrics are unique, personal identifiers and thus comprise personal data. This status ushers in a level of requirements and restrictions in handling the data.

Another consideration is utilizing biometrics with remote employees. Technology is evolving in this area, but still needs to mature to become a consumer norm.

Finally we return to the password. Though this staple of authentication has taken a beating in the past decade, passwords can still provide an effective level of protection when used in conjunction with other modes of authentication.

OneLogin addresses specific data security needs by implementing the right combination of these authentication methods to promote a company’s access management and identity strategy. The synergy of combining these methods closes the loop on the shortcomings of each approach as a standalone solution. And as technology evolves, so will the strength of the synergy.