Officials Report Success With Squaw Valley Water Treatment


The supply of water to any business, home, or public area is always a source of constant monitoring and testing for local government officials. A well water issue caused by an unprecedented level of rain passing into a series of wells at Squaw Valley Ski Resort recently resulted in officials at the resort turning off the water supply to a small area of this popular destination. Squaw Valley officials have reported they made the decision to turn off the water supply from four wells supplying water to the Upper Mountain area of the slopes as they wished to protect visitors from any potential health problems that could be caused by the presence of bacteria; the good news for visitors and local people is a team of experts is already reporting success in removing E.Coli and Coliform from the wells in a short space of time.


In a bid for transparency, Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has provided updates on the water issue and stated the pride the resort felt that their own testing procedures had quickly identified the bacteria shortly after a historic rain event. A further source of pleasure for Squaw Valley’s executives is the fact all water supplied from the four wells was turned off before any visitor could be offered contaminated water; furthermore, no health issues have been reported or linked to the presence of bacteria in the four wells.


Squaw Valley and local government officials have revealed all traces of E.Coli have been removed from three of the four affected wells and Coliform is being reduced in the same water system. To make sure all visitors and employees remain safe during their visit Squaw Valley will keep Upper Mountain restaurants closed and offer complimentary bottled water for those skiing the slopes passing through affected areas.

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