Norman Pattiz Launches 360-Degree Videos with Exciting and Innovative Features

Norman Pattiz has announced that PodcastOne will introduce innovative mobile software that will allow listeners to enjoy all the network’s audio programs. The network will add 360-degree video recordings into its products plus several interactive social platforms. These features will enable users to communicate with fellow listeners and program hosts easily. What’s more, PodcastOne will offer the app free of charge on its website, Apple’s App Store, and on Google Play.


Features of the App


The new app allows people to watch and hear PodcastOne shows. They can also contribute to specific discussions, send personal messages to fellow listeners, and answer survey questions. Moreover, the app gives users access to articles and photographs that cannot easily be found anywhere else on the Internet. Learn more:


PodcastOne has, further, integrated a new reward system into its mobile software. Therefore, members can accumulate points that they can later exchange to gain discounts on products, view exclusive material, or watch virtual reality shows.


Virtual Reality


PodcastOne has partnered with Mandt VR to develop high-quality and 360-degree format videos in virtual reality. Together, the two have created over 1,000 video recordings, which listeners can gain access to immediately. Every week, Mandt VR and PodcastOne will add more content to the growing collection. Some of its featured programs include ‘Koy Pond,’ ‘Geffen Playhouse Unscripted,’ ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ Forbes Under 30,’ ‘Laila Ali Lifestyle,’ ‘Dr. Drew,’ and ‘Mohr Stories.’


How the VR Recording Works


After partnering with PodcastOne, Mandt VR immediately installed sophisticated equipment in all the network’s recording studios in New York, Burbank, and Beverly Hills. Whenever show hosts travel, they can easily record VR footage using their mobile equipment.


Neil Mandt praised PodcastOne and its Owner Norman Pattiz for their continued innovation. He called Pattiz a media pioneer, noting his unrivaled success within the industry. On the other hand, Pattiz said that the app is an important achievement whose features are unique in the industry. Furthermore, Pattiz highlighted all the impressive features of virtual reality. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz


In 2012, Norman Pattiz started PodcastOne which later grew into one of the biggest Podcast Networks in the United States. His experience and knowledge in radio syndication surpass four decades. He previously founded Westwood One but sold it after it became the largest provider of TV programs ranging from news to traffic. In 2010, Pattiz started the Courtside Entertainment Group. Today, he lives in Southern California with his wife, Mary. He also participates in the operations of the Pacific Council on International Relations.