No-Poo Shampoos Can Improve The Health Of The Hair

No-poo shampoos are the new trend in hair care, and have a number of benefits. These shampoos have conditioning ingredients and replace traditional shampoo. These products cleanse the hair and scalp, but are specially formulated to smooth the strands and get rid of breakage and split ends. These new shampoos are also popular because they don’t contain harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient is what causes shampoo to create suds, but can cause hormonal imbalance, since it acts like estrogen in the body.

Wen is one of the best brands for no-poo shampoos, and is well-known for its cleansing conditioner, which is used in place of conventional shampoo. The Wen line was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, and has been endorsed by several celebrities who say Wen has changed the look and feel of their hair. Wen is also known for using natural and plant-based ingredients that condition the scalp and safely remove dirt and debris from the scalp.

Wen Hair has three cleansing conditioners: almond mint, pomegranate and lavender. Almond mint helps to condition and soften the hair, pomegranate adds shine and volume, and lavender has a soothing effect that is especially beneficial for the scalp. Wen also has a line of styling products to keep the hair well moisturized and conditioned throughout the day. Products like the styling creme help to get rid of frizziness, and the cleansing conditioners can even be mixed with water to create a leave-in conditioner.

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