Nick Vertucci’s Take on Real Estate Investment

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the Nick Vertuccci Real Estate academy. He is from a humble background and his story is that of moving from grass to grace. His parents could barely make ends meet and soon his father died and the mother was left with the full responsibility of taking care of him at a young age of ten. Nick’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was eighteen years old. He started a business specializing in computer accessories. The business performed well and he soon got married and started his own family. Unfortunately, the glory was only short term as the business came to an abrupt ending at the 2000 dot com crash when all his capital was liquidated at the height of the dot com bubble.

At this point, Vertucci ran into serious debts and he gave up all hope he had. A friend encouraged him to enrol into a seminar for real estate and when he agreed, although hesitant at first, it marked the turnaround of his life. He ventured into the real estate business that freed him from his financial problems. He led a successful career in real estate and this motivated him to start the real estate academy in order to help others who are having economic problems to get financial independence.

After investing in real estate and gaining the much desired financial freedom, Nick Vertucci decided to launch the Nick Vertucci Real Estate academy in 2014 with the goal of providing the best real estate training services in the industry. According to Nick, in order to bring an idea to life as an entrepreneur, you have to vision it, believe in it, make a plan, then go ahead and execute it. Nick Vertucci says that many people do not believe that they are capable of succeeding and are overwhelmed by fear and lack of confidence and this is a big limiting factor when it comes to investment.

Investors should not make rushed decisions but should instead make out a clear plan then act on it to increase the chances of success. According to Nick Vertucci, real estate can create wealth for people more than any other investment if done properly.