Nick Vertucci Was Destined To Be An Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci was introduced to the hardships of life when he was 18 years old. He was living out of his van at this point and did not have any prospects of a future. Nick’s entrepreneurial instincts would kick in during this time and he began selling computers. He had his own business that proceeded to do very well. During this time of successful business dealings Nick met his wife and they had three children together. Everything seemed to be going well until the dot com crash of 2000. Nick Vertucci and his wife began struggling to make ends meet. Nick faced the fact that he had not prepared well by saving for the future. He was now in search of a new method to get his family back on their feet.

Nick Vertucci struggled for another two years to keep his family above water. They had little to no income and continued to fall deeper and deeper into debt. He was on the verge of losing everything. However, Nick did manage to save the family’s home and continued to push forward. He ran into a friend who invited him to a real estate seminar. The meeting was three days. Vertucci was very reluctant to participate and give so much of his time to this endeavor. He and his family needed money right away. However, he decided to give the seminar a try.

Nick was fascinated by all of the information. He knew that this could be something that would change his life dramatically. Nick Vertucci began studying everything about the real estate business. He spent decades perfecting is business method and refining successful real estate tactics. Eventually Nick figured out a business strategy that worked well for his straightforward attitude.

Vertucci has now reached the pinnacle of success in real estate and is dedicated to helping others achieve the same level of satisfaction that he has. He is a firm believer that a person’s past does not have to dictate their future. Nick and his family went through many hard times when he was child. His mother was forced to carry the family after he lost his father. She worked grueling hours in order to support Nick and his siblings. This is where he learned the meaning of work ethic. Vertucci is now prepared to be an example for others who are looking for the motivation to change their circumstances.

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