Nick Vertucci Continues His Gospel On How to Succeed In Real Estate With A New Book

In a grass to grace life story, Nick Vertucci stands a living testament on the heights a properly executed plan can help you hit. After serving as a law enforcement officer for more than 18 years, Nick made a bold decision to retire from the service and rekindle his entrepreneurial spirits that had come to an untimely stall after the crash in 2000.

However, this time Nick wasn’t looking to re-venture into technology space but try his luck in flipping houses within the real estate industry. He mentions that the success gained in the industry is no more than an indication of what is possible with sound plans. Nick is also dedicating his life to helping others replicate his success not just in real estate but also in other fields of interest.

How Nick found success in real estate

Nick Vertucci mentions that his journey towards real estate investment and ultimate financial discovery started with a decision to attend a real estate seminar in 2000. California’s ‘Real Estate Investing Hour’ show host is, however, quick to add that even with all the insights gained here, hitting the breaking point and rolling into success in the industry still wasn’t immediate.

It would take him over ten years of constant self-evaluation and commitment to designing an investment strategy that works for him. His talk show, real estate investment academy, and the newly released book are all aimed at recapping this experience and helping his audience skip the ten years of revaluation by directing them on the path to success.

Nick’s academy and the new book

Nick appreciates the fact that most people, both newbies, and experienced professionals, have what it takes to make it in the real estate industry. However, lack of a mentor or a sound investment plan is always hindering them from either venturing into this highly profitable industry or exploiting their abilities maximally. With this in mind, he set up the Nick Vertucci academy that helps such individuals chart out their path towards financial success real estate.

Most recently, Nick Vertucci launched his new book “Seven Figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed.” Here, Nick recounts his life story as well as the challenges he has had to overcome in his journey towards self-discovery and success. Most importantly, he details the investment principles that he had to live with, the role they played in helping him achieve this success as well as how readers can replicate them in their personal journeys to financial freedom. To a large extent these principles also guide the firm and bold decisions that one has to make if they hope to hop from the middle class to a millionaire life.