Nick Vertucci: A Master of Business and Poker

Poker has been a game that is loved and cherished by card game enthusiasts world wide. Poker is a game of strategy, critical thinking, acting and it is definitely one of the toughest mind games. It does not only include strategizing on how you are going to play your cards, but it is also a game of psychology where you have to read your opponents body movements, facial expressions and movement in order to properly plan your next moves and execute your way to success. This makes poker an all-around game that is easily addictive and well loved by poker players.

To be able to be a successful poker player, you need to play a game that is uniquely yours and your way of playing must be yours alone. Nick Vertucci is a successful and well-known and respected poker player that is of his own league. And this did not come to Nick Vertucci in a blink of an eye, it was a work of time and hard work and a lot of experience in the game that was heavily influenced by his careers and experience in business.

Besides being a very successful poker player, Nick Vertucci was also a business tycoon – though not all his businesses thrived and succeeded, the critical thinking that is needed to run a business deeply helped him in his ace plays in the game of Poker. Nick Vertucci handled Real Estate Property Management and Marketing before in the vast lands of Orange Country, California. Nick also had a business concerning computer parts but this has also resulted to no valuable avail. With all these hurdles, he follow mentorship and then he followed his mentor’s footsteps and then afterwards made his way to become a business minded poker player – and this has resulted into millions of dollars in revenue because of the joint power of his mind in business and strategy in Poker.