News on Food trends and recipes

City workers prefer to have their gin with herbs and individuals in London are likely to have their gin on its own without any mixer. This fact reveals that this figures extracted from the Waitrose’s annual food and drink report on the gastronomic trends reported by the supermarket mammoth in 2016.

The sister organization, John Lewis, famous for its high-quality food, found out that individuals living in the south of England consume more boxes of wine than any other place as Glasgow’s top-selling wine.Cider has experienced its most tremendous growth as the people of North Ireland are mostly generous, giving away the most costly bottle of wine when offering a gift.

Foods which experienced a boost in popularity transversely across the entire Britain include carbs, dark green vegetables, turmeric, peanut butter, juniper berries and blueberries according to a report by Waitrose.

Most shoppers claim that they are purchasing more foods that are reduced to clear than benefits of money-saving, with the younger shoppers from the age of 18-24 preferring the bargain food close to the sell-by date.

Beef is still the top favorite pie filling in Britain; chicken comes second. However, Waitrose reported that over half of their venison pies are purchased by Londoners. The annual Food and drink report also predicted some of the huge trends in 2018.

The Tapas-kind Indian street food and plant proteins are expected to rise and the aspect of a fourth meal to add to the traditional breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

In the coming year, it is good to be on the lacrosse watch, especially the black licorice which can cause an overdose which is not healthy. This information is according to the Foods and Drugs Act. According to New York Times, it was reported that spirulina as a top trend last year. Most people are also looking forward to cook pumpkins for their family.