New Smashburger Pass Good For $1 Burger A Day For 54 Days

The new $54 “burger pass” offered by Denver-based Smashburger, capitalizes on the proven concept of offering unbeatable deals while increasing the bottom line at the same time.

Inspired by The Olive Garden’s wildly successful Never Ending Pasta Pass, which sold out in literally 1 second, the $54 burger pass entitles diners access to $54 burgers — $1 per day, for 54 days, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

Pass holders are prohibited from saving up the coupons to get multiple burgers in one day. It can only be used on that particular day.

With the fast food industry constantly under the gun for peddling unhealthy foods, Smashburger makes it abundantly clear that the $1 coupons can also be redeemed for more healthy menu options.

The burger pass can be a great deal for foodies who commit to buying a Smashburger everyday.
While customers who purchases a burger a day can save about $250 over the duration of the promotion, the company doesn’t expect that to happen. Smashburger hopes that pass holders will purchase a burger then add a drink or side item.

The Smashburger $1 burger a day promotion lasts from November 15 through January 9. Coupons will go on sale beginning November 15.

With the fast food industry seeing more and more competition, companies are looking for more inventive ways of turning a buck. A number of marketing ploys are in the works to shore up sluggish sales. In two weeks, burger passes go on sale. Time will tell whether or not the burger a day promotion will be successful. Even Smashmouth CEO Tom Ryan is remaining mum and letting the process run its course.