New Labels on Food Reveal More Sugar in 70% of All Foods on Shelves

For those who read the labels on food, the Food and Drug Administration is changing the template that has been used to show the ingredients for each product. They will now be requiring the labels to show both the added sugar, which has always been required as well as the amount of naturally-occurring sugar. This information is going to especially shock the public who is counting calories to lose weight and diabetics who experience the direct effects of sugar daily.

Researchers have discovered that over 70 percent of the food on store shelves today contain added sugar under a variety of names such as cane sugar, sweeteners, corn syrup, and hundreds of other variations.

There is such a large number of these added sugars because some are better for baking while others are better for hiding in foods or in soft drinks. Sugars range in cost with imported varieties being very expensive, so most sugar is grown in the U.S. and used in this country. The more expensive types of sugar can be used in some products while others use inexpensive varieties, but all of the added sugars are listed on the label.

But, more sugar is hidden in ingredients under the name of fruit juice concentrate, which includes apple, pear, pomegranate, and any fruit juice can be listed. These concentrates are fruit juices that have been stripped of all nutrients and evaporated down to sugar; so in reality, they are adding more sugar. People who have been buying organic and whole foods are going to be shocked when they read the new labels, and they see the amount of sugar listed as “naturally-occurring” added to the “added sugar” to bring a new total.

The new templates will be required by the large food companies in 2018 and for smaller companies in 2019.