New Jersey Offers An Interesting Treat Option In Pork Roll Ice Cream

There are many weird ice cream treats that come out every year, and there are people who are brave enough to try them out and see how they taste. Some like interesting and unique flavors of ice cream while others prefer that ice cream be simple and that it be traditional in taste. Those who are interested in trying something that is new and different, a special twist on traditional ice cream, can do that by trying out pork roll ice cream in New Jersey. There is a farm that has crafted this new treat, and they are putting the treat out for brave individuals to try.

Windy Brow Farms has created an ice cream product that contains pieces of meat in it. This ice cream is both sweet and salty and it is something that is flavored with a special pork product. Pork roll is a product that is made of processed pork and that is popular in New Jersey. This is used in the ice cream along with maple syrup and pieces of French toast. All of these ingredients combine to make something that nods to a great breakfast and that can become addicting to those who love a good salty and sweet combination.

The pork that is used in this ice cream treat is cooked in an oven and then pan fried. It is caramelized and flavored with cinnamon and sugar. The meat is carefully prepared before it is added to ice cream and ready to be enjoyed as a treat. This ice cream is something that will join other treats as part of an “Only in Jersey” line of special products.