New Invention Helps Beach Goers Enjoy Their Drinks Without the Sand

For those of you who love the beach, you know that getting sand in your drinks can be a big problem. Luckily an invention by Spiker, called Sand Spikes, provides a way for beach fans to enjoy their drinks without the sand. This invention allows users to spike a cup holder in the ground that can keep their drink upright and sand free.

If you have been planning a trip to the beach, this invention could be exactly what you need. Not only are these great inventions a great way to keep your drinks sand free, but they can also help avoid drink mix-ups. You can have your spikers customized with names, designs and more to help make sure everyone gets their own unique holder. These cup holders also come in multiple colors so that you can make sure that everyone in your party has a Beach Spike to take home that best matches their personality.

These spikers can really be a great gift for most any occasion. They can be a great gift for a wedding, or a perfect souvenir from a family vacation. This unique invention is something for the whole family. It can even be perfect for your loved ones that aren’t fond of the beach. Sand Spikes can also be used to hold drinks up between couch cushions making watching movies with snacks a lot less stressful.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones this season, a sand spike might just be the answer. They are practical, user friendly and are even made in America. What better way to let your friends and family know you care than with a sand free drink.