New And Pricey Hot Sauce

There are some who cannot eat any dish without first adding some hot sauce to the top of it. Such people may have a particular brand and type of sauce that they use without fail or they may be open to using any type of sauce. Such people may find themselves drawn to something new that is coming out from the makers of Tabasco sauce. There is a product that is being put out by the McIlhenny Co. that is a special edition product and made to celebrate their anniversary. This product is a special kind of hot sauce.


The Diamond Reserve hot sauce that is being put out is made with the best ingredients. This sauce is said to include the finest tabasco peppers. These are peppers that stand above others for their color and their texture. They are peppers that are quality peppers and they are grown to be used in great products like this new sauce. The peppers are aged before they are put to use in this sauce, and they are mixed with sparkling wine vinegar before the sauce is completed. This is a fancy sauce and something that was made with care.


This new hot sauce is something that tastes fancy. Testers who have tried the product out have shared that it has a distinct flavor to it that makes it tastes special. Those who have tried this new hot sauce have also shared that it would work well with some dishes but that it just wouldn’t work well with others. This hot sauce is available for a steep price. Those who are used to paying a few dollars for a hot sauce will have to spend $35 to get their hands on this special edition product.