Neurocore Its Able To Apply Its Neurofeedback Therapy To A Number Of Issues

With its 2004 founding, Neurocore has gone on to help countless people who have a variety of different issues that they need help with. The types of patients that Neurocore works with range from those who have issues with anxiety, sleep and depression. Neurocore is also doing amazing work in helping people who suffer from ADHD and the company is doing some revolutionary work in providing assistance to professional sports teams like the Trail Blazers from the NBA. This is all accomplished through Neurocore’s brain assessment and training program. The company specializes in assessing the brains of patients and then using brain training methods that include the company’s unique method of neurofeedback. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The Trail Blazers are no different than any other top level sports team. The organization is always striving to find the best possible training methods in order to help the team succeed and overcome competition that is equally looking for a competitive edge. The management at the Blazers has been practicing some out of the box thinking with its decision to bring the brain training experts at Neurocore into the picture. Neurocore has set up a special brain room at the Blazers’ facility and is now providing the team with brain training therapy that is aimed at conditioning the minds of the players in the same way that physical training is there to train the body. This is all in an attempt to further provide the team with an advantage that may make all the difference in a critical game time situation.


Neurocore has also become well known for working with patients that deal with the issues associated with ADHD. It is now one of the most reguarly diagnosed disorders of the human brain and often times is recognized during childhood. The good news that Neurocore has been producing over recent years is the fact that neurofeedback therapy seems to have a strong impact on this condition and helps patients to gain a focus that they have been previously unable to attain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.