Move Over Fettuccine; There’s A New Pasta In Town

Fettuccine, rigatoni, and tortellini are all common Italian pasta found in our favorite pasta dishes. These traditional pastas are great meals but are found in every Italian restaurant. It’s time to spice up the menu with this newest trend. Introducing the newest pasta craze to hit New York, the caramelle.

According to Grub Street, a food blog by New York Magazine, this candy-shaped pasta is taking over the restaurant scene in New York. This fun pasta shape has a thin dough middle that chefs can stuff with creative fillings with thicker folded ends like candy wrappers. Chefs say that it is the perfect shape. It is not too doughy, and it does not have too many folds like other shapes.

Chefs have been experimenting with flavors and colors such as creating pink pasta from beet juice or playing off of the designs of candy wrappers by adding different colored stripes. With so many possibilities, its no wonder this pasta is hot this season.

The versatile pasta gives restaurants and chefs the opportunity to craft novel dishes that stand out in the industry. Caramelle pasta is not a new pasta. It has been used in different restaurants over the years, but more chefs and restaurants are aware of the versatility of this stuffed pasta.

Experts have not been able to agree on the origins of the pasta. Some believe it was first created in Northern Italy as part of the Easter celebrations. Others have associated the pasta with Tuscany and the Epiphany Day celebrations.

No matter the origins of this pasta. More kitchens and dishes will utilize caramelle pasta as chefs begin to experiment and play with different fillings, shapes, and colors. People can expect to see more of this candy-shaped pasta as the caramelle trend gains popularity.