Moringa Unveils Drinkable Alove Yogurts In Anaheim

Health conscious foodies in Anaheim recently got to try out Morinaga Nutritional Foods’ new drinkable Alove yogurt products. The company just revealed these new conveniently bottled low-fat yogurts to North America at the Natural Products Expo West.

Morinaga has already been selling Alove yogurts in traditional bottles since 1994. The new drinkable products will still contain the distinctive large chunks of the aloe vera plant, but the consistency of the yogurt will be thinner.

As of today, Morinaga only has three flavors in its Alove drinkable line. In addition to plain aloe vera, people can try coconut and strawberry-banana.

Executives at Morinaga are excited to see the American public’s response to their new style of yogurt. They say the drinkable bottles have already caught on in Japan.

The standard Alove line of yogurt comes in six different flavors: original aloe vera, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, kiwi, and peach. There’s no word yet whether Morinaga will expand its selection of drinkable yogurts in the near future.

Manufacturers of Alove yogurts use a specialized process to extract the juiciest pulp from aloe vera plants. Alove manufacturers are careful to remove aloins from the aloe plant before putting it in their yogurt. For those who don’t know, aloins are compounds in aloe vera that cause a laxative effect.

All Alove products are kosher, non-GMO, and use no high fructose corn syrup.

Besides aloe vera yogurts, Morinaga is one of the biggest names in the tofu industry. The company’s Nu Silken Tofu is a best-seller both in Japan and the USA.

Alove products have already started appearing in the West Coast market and are slowly expanding across America. Morinaga says over 400 stores carry their line of yogurts. People can use the Alove store locator on the product’s official website to find the closest retailer.

This year’s Natural Products Expo West took place in Anaheim’s convention center. The event started on March 9th and continued through the 11th.

Morinaga Nutritional Foods is a part of the Japanese dairy company Morinaga Milk Industry. People can find Morinaga’s head US office in Torrance, California.