Mix Up Your Burgers on the Grill This Summer

With summer in full swing, folks are always looking for ways to use their grill and cook outdoors. The weather is perfect for it, grill cooking is often more healthy, and it is easy to clean up afterward. There are also so many different things to enjoy on the grill from meats and seafood to fresh, garden vegetables. One of the most popular with family and friends, as well as your budget, are burgers, and there are so many cool ways to do them.


First, there are your choices of proteins. Beef is the classic, but turkey, pork, salmon, tuna, mushrooms, and beans are all great choices. There are also all kinds of add-ins you can do to create an entirely different flavor experience.


Take your classic turkey burger for instance. Mix your turkey with some black bean and corn salsa for a fiesta burger. Add chopped artichoke, garlic, and diced tomato to create an Italian flavor. Add crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, and beans to create a western taste.


Ground pork is often the most affordable of these choices per pound. Check your grocer’s meat case. Mix ground pork with diced onion and crushed pineapple, then serve it on Hawaiian bread buns for a great Luau burger.


One of the simplest and most enjoyable vegetarian choices is a portobello mushroom cap rubbed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. Grill cap-side down and consider a slice of Swiss or Mozzarella cheese. Serve it with a little ground mustard on a whole wheat bun.


And then there is the classic beef burger. Generally you want a mix that has around 20% fat. Ground chuck is usually perfect, and the fresher the better. Often, salt is all you need to season with. Form your patty depending on whether you want to make a fat pub-style burger, or a flat diner-style.


Here is an awesome recipe for a Swiss, mushroom, BBQ burger. It’s one that should please any burger fan.