Mike Baur Helping Tech Startups After Ditching Swiss Banking Profession

Presently, Mike Baur continues to run Swiss Startup Factory and also engages with Think Reloaded. He principally focuses on fundraising and financing at SSUF besides being a member of the BV4 board. Even though he did not devote his life to predictable and lucrative banking profession, Mike decided to go after his passion. His bold strategy produced lasting prosperity including startups and partners that his organization helps. Through his efforts, he has made it possible for various business people to implement and refine pioneering innovative ideas. Business incubators such as SSUF promote technological progress and economic development by making available investment money and office space to potential investors seeking for those resources. Swiss Startup Factory additionally assists in the startup procedure with the goal that new creations can enter the market at ideal times.

Pitch Contest

Notwithstanding direct offering of funds to key tech new companies, SSF motivates them to participate in pitching challenges. Mike filled in as one of the members of the jury in a unique challenge that occurred in 2014. The START Summiteer competition takes place at a Swiss university. The occasion empowers the organizers of 30 new businesses to share their vision publicly about their products, plans, and business models. It only receives firms with under $1 million in financing. Seasoned money professionals assess the new companies, choose who wins and rate various aspects of their plans. The major promising companies often attract substantial investments. Participation of Mike in the contest assisted him to start SSUF which now a well-known and credible business incubator.


Amid that year, the previous broker commenced another company referred as Think Reloaded. This organization gives complex financial guidance to princely customers. Mike started filling in as CTI Invest’s deputy overseeing executive under after two years the position he attained after the company began to team up with SSUF. These two associations work together to offer training and plan for the occasion referred as Swiss Startup Day. SSUF established an alliance with BV4 in July 2016. BV4 estimates the financial values of inventions, ideas, and other intellectual property. Its appraisal administrations assist business visionaries in dealing with financing matters. As per the SSUF website, intellectual property is positioned among the biggest assets for many startups. Both Meister and Baur got involved in coordinating BV4 after the partnership.


In a recent interview, Mike discussed the SSUF where he expressed that SSUF contrasts from most hatcheries due to its independence. The organization doesn’t work as a feature of another political or business association; hence it can make a move without having conflicts of interests or facing interference.